Our company is constantly looking for the new employees. We recruit employees on every level of their competence, from people who just head start their career in IT to professional experts with the most unique technological competence on the market. Our recruitment proces never stops and we hire new employees every month. Take a look how the recruitment procces looks like in Core Services and apply to us!

You can find our job offers
in the Career section.
Send your CV as an
answer for a job offer
which matches your
skills and experience the
Our experts will analyse your CV.
If your profile matches our needs,
we will invite you to the interview.
If we are not able to offer you a job
at the moment, we will keep your CV
in our database. This way we will
contact you as soon as a project
matching your qualifications
During the interview you will be
asked about your previous experience,
projects you have been involved in
and expectations for your new job.
You can also expect technical skills
verification related to the future tasks.
After the interview,
our recruiters will give you
the final decision. If it is positive,
we will invite you to sign the contract.
Welcome to Core Services.
You just joined our team! ;)