IT Commercial Contracts Manager



IT Commercial Contracts Manager

Localization: Wroclaw


A person on that position is responsible for working with IT Transformation Programme leadership to define, develop and implement the policies and practices necessary for the commercial and content negotiation, execution and service oversight of entering and ending cooperation with global partners.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:


  1. optimizing service coverage and levels whilst minimizing cost,
  2. assuring that contracts form the basis and operate in compliance with providing services necessary for defined IT operations,
  3. delivering cost efficiency through minimum disruption during transition / transformation to proactively managed services and measured risk acceptance.


Skills required:


  1. Relational and operational management skills:
  • managing suppliers to KPIs, service improvement actions, operational relationships with suppliers,
  • addressing issues, bench-making and supplier assessment,
  • identifying constraints and opportunity in contract (re)negotiation.


  1. Contract management skills:
  • negotiating and resolving contractual issues, including failure to meet contractual obligations.
  • promoting change control processes and leading variation negotiations when necessary,
  • coopearting in developing strategies and incentives to enhance performance,
  • undertaking comprehensive financial evaluations,
  • ensuring non-discriminatory behaviour and legal compliance,
  • ensuring that lessons learned from reviews are documented and promoted with all stakeholders.


  1. Delivery management skills:
  • overseeing and measuring the fulfilment of contractual obligations,
  • using key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor and challenge performance and identify opportunities for continuous improvement,
  • developing strategies to weak performance,
  • identifying reguired changes, evaluating the impact, and advising stakeholders about the implications and consequences for the business and/or the procurement element of programmes/projects.
  • negotiating variations and seeking appropriate authorisation,
  • supporting and engaging with experts and stakeholders to ensure continuous improvements are identified through review and benchmarking processes,
  • developing and implementing change management protocols.


We offer:


  1. Long-term cooperation.
  1. Attractive salary (based on your professional experience and technical skills).
  2. Flexibility to choose the form of contract (UoP/B2B).
  3. Private healthcare – LuxMed, Benefit system – Multisport card.
  4. Dedicated administrative consultant.

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